Making A Safe Choice For Your Home

  • Should You Replace Your Locks After a Break In?

    26 August 2020

    Feeling uneasy after your home has been broken into is a perfectly natural reaction. You might wish to do something proactive about your unease, and beefing up your home security is a way to achieve this. You might wish to examine all aspects of your home's security, starting with your first line of defence — your door locks. Is it going to be necessary to replace all your door locks after someone has broken in?

  • Sound Reasons to Call a Locksmith

    12 August 2020

    Many people think that the only time they will ever need to call upon the services of a locksmith is if they shut themselves out of their home. Of course, this happens frequently in every town and city in Australia. Sometimes, the wind will catch a door and shut it only for the householder to be trapped outside until their lock can be opened for them. Therefore, it is always worth storing the number of a mobile locksmith in your phone just in case this happens to you.

  • Commercial Locks: Three Fundamental Tips for Improving Building Security

    11 August 2020

    If you are planning on replacing your commercial locks, you should consult an experienced locksmith for guidance. This will ensure that you make the right decisions to improve the security of your building. You should keep in mind that the main entrances are the primary points of vulnerability in business premises. Therefore, if the door locks are not reliable, unscrupulous people like burglars, robbers and vandals could gain access. Here are some basic tips to keep in mind when conducting the lock replacement for better commercial lock security.

  • Are you planning to buy a safe?

    16 July 2020

    When you need to securely store money or valuables, a safe is often the best option. If you have been wondering which safe you should purchase, you may have become quite confused with the range of safes on offer. To make the right choice, it is important to think carefully about why you want to buy a safe and how it will be used. Here are the top four questions that you should be able to answer before committing to purchase a particular safe.

  • Has Someone Tried to Break Into Your Home?

    10 July 2020

    It's terrifying to come home and discover that your home has been broken into. It's almost as unsettling to come home to find that someone has clearly tried to force your front door lock and break in, even if they were ultimately unsuccessful. But how would you even know that this has happened? And what should you do about it? Tampering Lock tampering is the clearest sign that someone has tried to gain entry to your home.

  • How to Install a Fingerprint Lock: A Step-by-Step Guide

    19 June 2020

    Fingerprint locks are an advancement of modern door locks that allow access to certain spaces by swiping your fingerprint. Since fingerprints are a unique bodily feature, they are your best guarantee when you want to ensure that the people who access your business space have the authority to do so. They also come in handy for restricting access to places where you store vital information or valuable business assets. Gladly, you can save some time and money when it comes to installing this kind of locks.

  • 4 Common Lock Problems And What To Do About Them

    11 June 2020

    Problems with locks can leave your home or business insecure or even leave you stuck outside. Here are a few of the most common lock problems to look out for, along with some possible solutions for each issue. 1. Key Is Broken in the Lock Keys can break in locks suddenly and without warning, leaving you stranded outside your home or business. Sometimes it is possible to remove the broken part of the key and use a spare key to open the door.

  • Top Qualities to Look For in an Emergency Locksmith

    27 May 2020

    Imagine you have an interview in a few hours, and every document you need is safely stowed in your car. As you get out of your vehicle in a hurry, you accidentally slam the door shut with the keys still in the ignition. What do you do? Most people have found themselves in such a situation at least once, and it is not fun. The above incident is unfortunate and might even cost you the job of your dreams.

  • Why You Need A Specialist Locksmith For Your Car Keys

    21 May 2020

    Car keys have come along way in the last 20 years, from static pieces of metal to automatic sensors that tune your car to your settings when you get close. In the 1990s and before it was common for people to go to a regular locksmith to get a replacement set of car keys because they were so low tech. Now, however, car keys have specific requirements that need to be met so that they work with your car, which is why an automotive locksmith should be the first number you call when you can't find your keys.

  • 5 Reasons Your Lock Is Stiff and Won't Turn Easily

    7 May 2020

    Has the lock on your door become hard to turn? This is fairly common and may happen gradually or suddenly out of nowhere. The good news is that it is a problem that a locksmith can fully resolve for you, ensuring that opening the door won't be as much of a pain for you anymore. The first step is always identifying why your door is getting stuck. A proper diagnosis will help the locksmith to implement the appropriate fix.