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4 Common Lock Problems And What To Do About Them

by Kristen Roberts

Problems with locks can leave your home or business insecure or even leave you stuck outside. Here are a few of the most common lock problems to look out for, along with some possible solutions for each issue.

1. Key Is Broken in the Lock

Keys can break in locks suddenly and without warning, leaving you stranded outside your home or business. Sometimes it is possible to remove the broken part of the key and use a spare key to open the door. However, if the key is stuck firmly inside the lock, you will need to call a 24/7 emergency locksmith to remove the key. Look for a 24/7 emergency locksmith in your local area. 

2. Stiff Lock

Lock stiffness is an extremely common problem. It is often caused by dust or dirt getting into the lock and clogging up the mechanism. Spraying silicone-based lubricant into the lock is the best way to deal with this problem. Slide the key into the lock and turn it back and forth to spread the lubricant all over the locking mechanism. Locksmiths recommend not using oil-based lubricants as they can make locks more prone to sticking in the lock run.

3. UPVC Door Misalignment

One of the downsides of UPVC doors is that they can easily become misaligned, leading to problems locking or unlocking the door. You can confirm that misalignment is causing the problem with your UPVC door by turning the key in the lock while the door is open. If the key turns easily, the problem is a misalignment between the door and the frame. A locksmith can quickly solve this problem for you.

4. Problems Inserting Your Key

If you are struggling to insert your key into a lock, first of all, be sure to check that you are using the correct key. It is easy to confuse similar-looking keys for each other, so always double-check before assuming your lock has a problem.

If you have this problem with an old key, wear and tear on the teeth of the key could be the problem. Conversely, a new key that cannot be inserted might be poorly cut, with burrs remaining on the teeth that need to be removed. If possible, try the lock with another key to find out whether the lock or the key is the problem.

If none of your keys can be inserted into the lock, get in touch with a locksmith to repair or replace the lock.