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How to Install a Fingerprint Lock: A Step-by-Step Guide

by Kristen Roberts

Fingerprint locks are an advancement of modern door locks that allow access to certain spaces by swiping your fingerprint. Since fingerprints are a unique bodily feature, they are your best guarantee when you want to ensure that the people who access your business space have the authority to do so. They also come in handy for restricting access to places where you store vital information or valuable business assets. Gladly, you can save some time and money when it comes to installing this kind of locks. Here is what you need to do:

Buy Your Lock and Prepare the Door

A successful installation begins with getting the right fingerprint lock for the job. When buying, your top considerations should the override options you have in case the power goes out or the lock malfunctions. The best locks allow you to use passwords or keys as overrides when the fingerprint fails. Secondly, think about other qualities such as resistance to dust and water infiltration.

Drill holes at least two inches deep on the side of your door. These holes will enable you to mount the deadbolt that keeps it shut to secure the space. Blow the area when drilling to remove any flakes left behind by the doorframe.

Set the Latch and Deadbolt for Installation

Take a screwdriver and put it through one of the driver board holes to see how well the deadbolt will fit. Keep in mind that the deadbolt extends and retracts to shut or open the door. Furthermore, the deadbolt and the latch need to sit on the edge for the lock to function effectively. If you install them further away from the edge, there is a chance that the deadbolt will not reach and hold firmly onto the frame when the door is locked.

Fit the Lock

Place the fingerprint lock screen against the outside of your door. Hold it firmly in place and secure the support plate to the inside of the door. Check your screw assembly and use it to draw the opposite sides gradually together. Do this until both sides feel firm enough. Check for additional features such as weatherproofing guards that should go on the outside face of the lock. Finish by checking that your door seals tightly when locked.

Register the Fingerprint

Check your manual to ensure that you have the right batteries for the fingerprint unit. Follow up by registering fingerprints with careful consideration to the people you register as regular users and those with the master fingerprint.

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