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Why You Need A Specialist Locksmith For Your Car Keys

by Kristen Roberts

Car keys have come along way in the last 20 years, from static pieces of metal to automatic sensors that tune your car to your settings when you get close. In the 1990s and before it was common for people to go to a regular locksmith to get a replacement set of car keys because they were so low tech. Now, however, car keys have specific requirements that need to be met so that they work with your car, which is why an automotive locksmith should be the first number you call when you can't find your keys.

Immobiliser Bypass

Immobilisers are very common in new cars and make it virtually impossible to start them without the proper key. While this has drastically reduced thefts of new cars it also means that fixing your car key, or getting a proper replacement, is more important than ever. Without the proper technology (which automotive locksmiths have) you will trigger the immobiliser which will be a massive pain to deal with. Don't put yourself through that risk, especially as it can come with extra costs to fix. 

Specific Smart Key Replacement

Newer smart keys are completely synced with specific cars, which means if you even try to open the door of your car without them you could trigger an alarm. Smart keys can also be filled with data relating to user settings such as temperature, seat height and so on. If you lose or break your smart key all this information and customisation will also be lost, which is why you need an automotive locksmith with the facilities to replace or repair this key. This information may not be completely lost either, so if you have your broken smart key make sure to bring it in rather than starting from scratch.

Fleet Management

If you are a business who uses vehicles on a daily basis then it is always good to have two automotive specialists on call: a mechanic for repairs and towing, and a locksmith. While a mechanic may be able to break into your car they will not be able to get it started as efficiently as a locksmith will. Many automotive locksmiths offer special packages for fleets of a certain amount of cars and these are an important part of your ongoing duty to keep your cars on the move. Don't spend a couple of hundred dollars every call out, keep them retainer and bring your costs as a whole down with them.  

For more information, reach out to an automotive locksmith.