Making A Safe Choice For Your Home

3 Situations When Hiring a Locksmith is Essential

by Kristen Roberts

Most people have gotten locked out of their homes for various reasons, such as lost keys or keys getting stuck in the lock. Your first instinct might be to call a friend for help or grab a crowbar and break a window.

However, it's times like these when hiring a professional locksmith is highly recommended. These skilled tradesmen repair, install and adjust residential, commercial and automotive locks.

Discover three situations when the help of a locksmith is necessary.

Installation of Security Locks

When it's time to upgrade or install door hardware, you shouldn't do it yourself if you don't know what to do. Lack of improper equipment and knowledge can turn what seems like a few hours' task into a prolonged headache. 

Therefore, ensure you hire a locksmith for the job. They can suggest the right locks for your house and provide expert installation services for biometric technology locks, ordinary locks, infrared devices and others to upgrade the security level of your home.

Besides their skills and extensive experience, a locksmith has the right tools for the job, including lock pick set, formed end tweezers, padlock shims, tension tools and handheld scope. With such tools, you are assured that they will install your lock correctly and safely without any damage.

Lock Repairs

You can also contact a locksmith to address common door lock problems, such as:

  • Sticky locks. If you have to jiggle the keys several times before the lock opens, you might need a locksmith to check your lock.
  • Frozen locks. This problem occurs when moisture gets into your lock and freezes inside. If you force the key into a lock when it's frozen, your key can break.
  • Misalignment. When there is misalignment, your door lock won't latch into position, and you may need a professional adjustment.
  • Key breaking inside the lock. A jammed key often breaks when you force your lock to open. In such a case, you may not be able to remove it since you don't have a broken key extractor.

Like other components in your home, door locks are also susceptible to wear and tear. If you encounter a problem with your door lock, you need to call a trusted locksmith to diagnose the problem and fix it.

Stuck Key in the Ignition

You can also contact a locksmith if your car key doesn't come out of the ignition. Some reasons why car keys get stuck in the ignition include:

  • Unintentional steering wheel lock
  • Debris in the ignition keyhole or the key itself
  • Worn out or damaged key
  • Spring-loaded pins in the ignition that are out of alignment

When the key gets stuck in the ignition, you shouldn't use brute force to get it out, as you may end up causing further damage. You should call a locksmith since they have the skills, experience and tools to remove the key safely without damaging the ignition. 

For more information on residential locksmiths, contact a professional near you.