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Commercial Locks: Three Fundamental Tips for Improving Building Security

by Kristen Roberts

If you are planning on replacing your commercial locks, you should consult an experienced locksmith for guidance. This will ensure that you make the right decisions to improve the security of your building. You should keep in mind that the main entrances are the primary points of vulnerability in business premises. Therefore, if the door locks are not reliable, unscrupulous people like burglars, robbers and vandals could gain access. Here are some basic tips to keep in mind when conducting the lock replacement for better commercial lock security.

Compare the Locks

It is important to compare different locks before purchasing one for your commercial doors. Often, people only look at the types of designs such as mortise, lever handle, interchangeable cores and keyless locks on the market. However, this should not be your only focus. Instead, you should think about the quality of the hardware, regardless of the style. High-quality locks should be able to withstand the stress of constant use and exposure to unfavourable conditions.

One of the most important factors to compare when purchasing locks is the fabrication material. You must choose a hardwearing metal such as steel, stainless steel or bronze. These are durable and perform well in adverse climates. Also, consider the compatibility between your door structure and different locks because this will affect stability. Additionally, you should think about the general grading or rating of the lock because this is the best indicator for performance.

Install Correctly

A good commercial lock could become useless if it is not installed correctly. In simple terms, if an amateur handles the set-up, they could damage the lock in the process, making it less effective. Consequently, it will be possible for unauthorised persons and intruders to take advantage of the vulnerability. Therefore, it is essential to engage a commercial locksmith for the lock installation. A professional will ensure that the new product is not compromised and install it in a manner that promotes optimal security.

Plan for Lockouts

Finally, you should plan for unfortunate incidents which might occur after the installation of the commercial locks. It is not prudent to assume that you will always keep the keys, fobs or code safe. Instead, establish plans for dealing with lockouts and other similar occurrences. For instance, you can create a few duplicate keys in case you lose the original copy. Moreover, you should ensure that you have a reliable locksmith to handle your emergencies. Under ideal circumstances, this expert should have mobile services for easy access.

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