Making A Safe Choice For Your Home

Sound Reasons to Call a Locksmith

by Kristen Roberts

Many people think that the only time they will ever need to call upon the services of a locksmith is if they shut themselves out of their home. Of course, this happens frequently in every town and city in Australia. Sometimes, the wind will catch a door and shut it only for the householder to be trapped outside until their lock can be opened for them. Therefore, it is always worth storing the number of a mobile locksmith in your phone just in case this happens to you. That said, there are plenty of other reasons you might need a professional locksmith other than locking yourself out. What are the most common ones?

Broken Keys

Although it can occur at any time, a broken key is something that happens with tumbler style locks more often than not. Inherent in the design of such locks is a varying pattern on the key. Where a key is cut low down, it can mean that not much metal is there to prevent it from twisting in a lock unless it is properly aligned with the tumblers inside. Therefore, forcing a tumbler lock hard may mean that the key snaps off inside. If that happens, then you will need a professional to help you either get the broken part of the key out of the lock or to replace the mechanism completely for you.

Changing Locks

Some people need to change their locks for security. This might mean window as well as door locks, of course. If so, calling a locksmith is the quickest and most secure way you can proceed. Sometimes a former householder may have left taking his or her keys with them, which means they could regain access. Equally, landlords sometimes need to change locks after a tenant has moved on. There again, you might want to change your locks because a set of keys has gone missing meaning you are worried about a potential intruder being able to gain access to your home.

Faulty Combination Locks

Although combination locks on padlocks and home safes don't go wrong very often, they do develop faults from time to time. If so, a qualified locksmith will be able to resolve the issue for you, usually within a few minutes or so for a conventional combination lock. More often than not, it is not a genuine fault that has developed but a reset code that has been forgotten. Either way, calling an expert with locks will mean being able to use the lock once more.