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Avoid These Business Security System Mistakes

by Kristen Roberts

Any commercial environment needs a security unit to keep the workers, property and the business safe. It is not enough that you choose and install the best security system for your business. You also need to follow specific security procedures to ensure ultimate safety. Sometimes a tiny slip-up could compromise the safety of your whole company. That is why you should learn and avoid some mistakes that compromise the effectiveness of your security system

Below are some security system errors you should never make. 

Bypassing Security Checks

It is essential to know everyone who walks in and out of your business building. That is why no one should get in without proper clearance. Most businesses allow managers and top-ranking workers to bypass security. But access control and security protocols are there for a reason. They only way these protocols can work is when everyone follows them, even the boss. No employee should skip the security protocols in place.

Failing to Understand How the Security System Works

It is a great idea to have a professional team dedicated to monitoring your security system. But as the head of your company, you should understand how the security system works. Take the time to learn the basic operations of the unit. Find out how things like the access control readers and CCTV cameras operate. As long as you have a security unit, learn how to secure it. 

Placing the Security Cameras in Wrong Positions

The resolution and technology of your cameras are not important if they lack proper placement. Improper placement of cameras reduces the efficiency of the business security system. Install the cameras in high and discreet points that do not draw attention. You should also put them up in the most critical parts of your company's building. 

Not Monitoring the Computers

The proper working of your security system relies on the fact that your computers remain secure. Any computers connected to the servers need to have adequate security. If possible, ensure they require the use of a password and badge credentials for one to access them. 

Also, any computers with access to your security system should only be in secure locations. If you cannot find a safe place in your business, always update the passwords and keep them a secret. Your IT expert should also keep an eye on each site and program. That will ensure there is a record of anything that happened in case of a security breach. 


Keep away from these errors when using a commercial security system. It is also best to consult and work with an expert security company. They will help you get the ideal security system and follow the right procedures.